Blockchain Ecosystem dedicated to Cooperation
Co-buy, co-produce, co-habit, co-invest…


Blockchain for Cooperatives

First full crypto-cooperative, set up to facilitate cooperation, both ultra-local and international.
Through its operation, OSMOSE allows the financing of tools & cooperative services, and the promotion of the values of the Social and Solidarity Economy.

It allows, as a mutual or cooperative, the financing and provision of places, tools, financial resources and decentralized services, ranging from living spaces, work spaces (co-working, agricultural land), training, shared leisure or common services (education, health, transport, culture…).

It is administered and governed by the network’s stakeholders in a democratic and secure manner.

What is OSMOSE ?

OSM, the cooperative cryptocurrency

The OSM is a secure currency that enables it to finance innovative, solidarity-based projects of collective interests and a more cooperative future. It uses a decentralized open source Blockchain technology with an instant and secure voting system. OSMOSE promotes exchanges between cooperatives, local and national companies, cooperative places, third places, Fab-Lab, Hackerspace, campsites, cooperative bars, associations, start-ups, developers & creative freelancers, NGOs, content producers, vegetable producers… etc.

Common issues

OSMOSE stands for sustainable development, social innovation and cooperation through its operations.

An OSMOSE user can thus vote for a “delegate”, who is responsible for securing the network using the DPOS (Delegate Proof Of Stake) protocol. It will thus receive benefits from security, and energy consumption is greatly reduced, since it is not based on computer power but concentrated on a limited number of delegates, who are responsible for securing the network.

Unlike technologies using Proof-of-Work, OSMOSE does not require exorbitant energy consumption, and the benefits of security are shared with users, not only captured by “minors”. Thus, the value is constantly shared, and/or re-injected into ecosystem projects.

Democracy & decentralized governance

The governance of the OSMOSE network is not “centralized” by an entity.
The operation is ensured by a decentralized governance system, orchestrated by a secure voting system, and remunerative for the users of the network.

Each user is on an equal footing with his peers, since he has the same voting rights, and the same ability to interact with the ecosystem. The notion of an open and open source community is at the heart of the functioning of OSMOSE. Everyone has the same powers.

Value creation and distribution

Through its operation, OSMOSE allows the co-financing of tools, land, habitats, diverse cooperative spaces, through a democratic governance using the Blockchain.
The benefits of the network are reintegrated into the financing of community projects. OSMOSE can be seen as a social experience of an Integrated & Decentralized Cooperative.

As of January 2019, you will be able to use OSMOSE’s currency, OSMOSE, to pay for products, services, and rents at various cooperative locations around the world.

And this is only the beginning.

Come and join us.

The purpose of OSMOSE

Decentralized Governance 3.0

OSMOSE allows democratic governance through its functioning.
The whole ecosystem is based on the notion of D.A.O (*Decentralized Autonomous Organization), or in French: a Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

Structured into 51 delegated nodes to secure the network, OSMOSE has 15 thematic nodes by default, and 36 nodes from the community.

1/ Housing (typical places: 40% urban, 40% peri-urban, 20% rural)
2/ Coworking (typical places: 40% urban, 40% peri-urban, 20% rural)
3/ Agriculture (typical places: 60% rural, 20% urban, 20% peri-urban)
4/ Amaps, cooperatives, associations…
5/ Trade, crafts and local services (bakers, workshops, fablabs, local shops, guinguettes, supermarkets…)
6/ Culture, media, production, content, events, media libraries, festivals, sport, e-sport…
7/ Banks, alternative finance, local currencies, mutuals, investment funds…
8/ Governance, law, citizenship, trade unionism…
9/ Dev, tech, R&D (including OSMOSE ecosystem)
10/ Energy, water, waste management….
11/ Education, childhood….
12/ Health, well-being….
13/ Transport & Mobility…
14/ Promotion of the OSMOSE ecosystem & SSE values
15/ Delegate_Info

Our shared services

  • identity (encryption of personal data)
  • sending & receiving transactions by mobile & office wallet
  • messaging (end-to-end encryption)
  • smart contract (transaction automation)
  • voting rating system: DPOS delegation
  • map, site information, network status, and financial status
  • social network and management of a democratic social organization
  • timestamping (certification & time stamping of documents, works)
  • directory of cooperative initiatives, projects, tools, and resources
  • cooperative events highlighting the ecosystem
  • audiovisual content to promote the ecosystem
  • event ticketing (festivals, events, etc.)
  • cooperation platform & community self-help group


  • Open or manage a place or project
    (housing, co-working, agricultural land, offices, fab-lab, factory, workshop…)
  • Join an initiative or project
    By specialty, by affinity which allows the creation of several groups of experts who can make decisions
  • Vote & Support a project
    Support community initiatives and projects, participate in their co-financing, simply through a single vote, while keeping its OSM capital intact.
  • Disposing resources in open source
    Benefit from common tools, methodologies, and resources.
    (Cooperative statutes, budget models, organizational assistance…)
  • Rent, sell, lend, buy, exchange
    All types of places, tools, services.
  • Become a delegate & be helped to develop it
    Benefit from a Budget, a team, and common tools to develop an initiative and promote it within an open ecosystem.
Coin Sale

Pre-Sales & Distribution

We are pleased to announce the imminent launch of the OSM coin pre-sales!

  • Symbol


  • Total Supply OSMOSE

  • Prix Initial

    €0,0015 = 1 OSMOSE coin



600.000.000 coins

Holders cions

OSMOSE Collective coins

Bounty coins


400.000.000 coins
  • Soft Cap

    15 000 000 €

  • Hard Cap

    85.000.000 €

  • Accepted Currencies

    ARK, ETH, BTC, LTC, €/$

Coin Sale
OSMOSE Roadmap


This is our Roadmap


Genesis of the OSMOSE association

For 10 years, OSMOSE (records) has been experimenting under the status of an association with the pooling of tools, services and productions for the defence of independent artists. Through its multidisciplinary and open vision, musicians, plastic artists, computer developers, hackers, hackers, hackers, but also producers, craftsmen, event organizers, etc. were considered as "practitioners of the arts".


Birth of Samurai Coop

→ 11.04.2017 creation of Samurai Coop.
Cooperative company intended to experiment with new forms of cooperation
It will be the founding structure of the OSMOSE Blockchain
→ www.samourai.coop www.samourai.coop

April 2018

ARK Connection

→ Meeting with François-Xavier Thoorens (Founder & CTO @ ARK.io)
→ Start of the in-depth study of ARK technology and DPOS protocol
→ Reflection on the OSMOSE project & its philosophy
Shooting of 47 videos of interviews with creators and contributors from Samouraï Coop networks and the OSMOSE community. Project called "Human Database"

March 2018

Prize: Rec Development

→ Organized by Rec Innovation, in partnership with Accenture, Region Ile de France, Chambre Régionale de l'Économie Sociale et Solidaire...

→ Start of work with ARK.io & establishment of an ARK delegate node
→ Preparation of the organization of Hackathons, Conferences & workshops
→ Contribution work for the ARK community
→ Pitch of the OSMOSE project to companies and institutions in Ile de France

Juin à Septembre

Launch of DevNet

Development Period
→ Development of Desktop Wallets (Windows, MacOS, Linux)
→ Development of Mobile Wallets (Android, iOS)
→ Deployment of delegated nodes (genesis + communities)
→ Opening of the Slack / Telegram / Discord / Github

2018, Octobre

Launch of the Pre-ICO - OSMOSE

→ Opening of communication channels
→ Release of the first official documents, tutorials, and creative content

2018, Décembre

Public Launch of the ICO - OSMOSE

→ Release of the documentary "Protocole" on crypto-currencies, by Rémi Crussière
→ First "OSMOSE" Hackathon within the WAI, We Are Innovation (Paris Sud)

Q1 2019

Launching the Mainnet

Official launch of the OSMOSE Blockchain
- OSMOSE is integrated into several applications, in use boxes corresponding to the values of the Social and Solidarity Economy
- First exchange listing the OSM coin

2019, June 1st

CryptoFestival #1

Officialization of the CryptoFestival - Paris

This festival highlights the independent artistic scene (contemporary music & independent films) in the form of a multidisciplinary crypto-friendly festival.
Event tickets are purchased in OSM, and the entire festival (payment at the bar, purchase of merchandising, etc.) is entirely in OSM.



The OSMOSE Team is based in Paris, and incubated within the WAI (We Are Innovation) incubator. Composed of experienced, creative and technical profiles, our team also has the opportunity to be advised and accompanied by internationally renowned engineers and senior experts on the various key aspects of its project. Among the valuable help we can count on regular advice from the founders of ARK technology.

avatar AB

Antoine Breuil

CEO & Founder


Fabien Palazo

CTO & Founder

nicolas voisin

Nicolas Voisin

Peri-Urban Ecosystem Consultant


Taoufik Mousselmal

African Co-Founder


Basson Engelbrecht

African Co-Founder

nicolas loubet

Nicolas Loubet

Cooperation & Commons Project Consultant

adrien lafourcade

Adrien Lafourcade

Rural Ecosystem Consultant

jean-etienne durand

Jean-Etienne Durand

Blockchain Consultant

yohann grignou avatar

Yohann Grignou

Film Director & Founder


Jérémy Sintes

IT Consultant


Guillaume Torresa

Lead Developer


Edson Borelli

Security Chief Officer


Denis Palazo

IT Executive Manager @ Orange Business Services

Tarik avatar

Tarik Badeff



Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about OSMOSE.

What is OSMOSE?

OSMOSE is a Blockchain, and a cryptocurrency based on the values of the Social and Solidarity Economy. Through a decentralized IT protocol, OSMOSE provides an operational solution for value transfer, while reserving the benefits generated by the network for cooperative projects.
Thus, the part usually reserved for a banking intermediary is now re-injected into ecosystem projects.

With which currencies can we buy OSM ?

ARK, ETH, BTC, €, $

Can I mine OSMOSE?

No, the OSM coin is not mineable.
The OSMOSE network does not operate on a Proof-of-Work protocol, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, but on a DPOS protocol (*Delegate Proof-of-Stake) requiring much less energy.

On the other hand, to generate OSMs, you can either:
– Vote for a delegate with your portfolio, and generate OSMs by rewards.
– Make a delegate proposal so that the community can vote for you and you can receive benefits from your delegate

How to get OSM?

To get OSM, you can:
– Buy OSM before its public release (ICO), either with your credit card or with crypto-currencies (Ark, ETH, BTC)
– If you already have some OSM, you can 1) vote for a delegate 2) create a delegate proposal and submit it to the community to fund your project.

Where is OSMOSE based?

The OSMOSE Blockchain was designed by Samouraï Coop, a cooperative company based in France. The network as such being decentralized, it is destined to be international

Can I be recruited or join the community?

The OSMOSE community is open!
You can join our Telegram, Slack, Discord channels!

Contributors identified as reliable and regular within the ecosystem may also be recruited from the official team.

Why the name OSMOSE?


We feel that the decentralization of information systems is a new opportunity for people all over the world to share tools, knowledge, means, and value. Through the OSMOSE project, the founding team wishes to allow new forms of cooperation where it was previously very complex to set up without intermediaries.
OSMOSE’s philosophy is based on three fundamental elements:
– An open source philosophy applied to digital as well as to real
– Respect for the human condition, and the sharing of knowledge
– Defending the self-employed, project leaders and sustainable initiatives

With this new tool, we hope to enable OSMOSE between environments, sectors, networks, groups of individuals and individuals.
Unleashing the potential of a proactive generation for a more cooperative world is OSMOSE’s primary mission.

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